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Great gift ideas. Easy set-up.

Welcome to the CIPLA Gift Registry. Over here you will be able to start your own registry or find a friend and support them in this difficult period. We have tried to make the registry as simple to use as possible and we hope that it can help you and your loved ones find some comfort. Add as many items as you want or use your friend or family member's registry to buy as many items as you would like using the links provided on the items.


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About The Support Registry

Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, or someone you love has heard the dreaded words that that tumour is malignant, there’s generally an overwhelming sense of helplessness. 

When it’s your personal experience, you’re probably also feeling a bit overwhelmed. So much information to digest, and so many emotions to process… When you are trying to support a friend or family member that’s got cancer, you have good intentions to help, but don’t always know what’s the right thing to say, or what that person needs.

And that’s exactly why Cipla has created a website for navigating “the big C”, and more especially, a cancer support registry, because there’s more to cancer than just medicine and treatment. It’s also about discovering – or remembering – life’s simple pleasures in the midst of a rollercoaster ride. The support registry is a simple idea that empowers your friends to perk up your day with thoughtful gifts or gestures, whether it’s tangible gifts or gifts of service.  Gifts of service are basically practical ways that you can support someone who has cancer. For example, they may be emotionally drained or physically exhausted from undergoing treatment, so may need help with:

Grocery Shopping

Running Errands

Making Meals

Preparing school lunches for their kids

Cleaning their homes

Helping with the laundry

Taking care of the garden

Taking care of their pets when they don't have the energy to do so

Lifts to and from the hospital

Or, they may appreciate some personal care items while facing this daunting journey. Here are some examples:

  • Snug items like fuzzy socks, a blanket, beanies, scarves, slippers or a hot water bottle
  • A silk pillowcase as their skin or scalp may be sensitive from the chemo after effects
  • Lip balms and gentle skin creams – a chemo nurse has advised that chemo and radiation can leave your skin parched
  • Things to combat nausea, such as peppermint or ginger hard candy
  • Wet wipes and hand sanitiser
  • Cute pajamas for those trips to the hospital
  • Comfy clothing for when they wait away hours in the chemo room
  • A pretty notebook so they can jot down their thoughts, keep a gratitude journal or take notes as the doctor shares info
  • Things to keep them entertained while waiting around in the treatment rooms, such as a Netflix subscription, reading books or magazines, adult colouring books or crossword puzzles.


"Even though I got cancer, the truth is, we all (my family, my fiancé) got cancer.  We all had a journey.  We all learnt powerful lessons and have such meaningful experiences."- Dane, testicular cancer survivor

How It Works

The mechanics are pretty much like a wedding registry. Just like there are no “one-size fits all” for any bride, there’s also no magic formula for supporting anyone with cancer, so each registry is intensely personal and unique. 

It’s quick and easy to set up your registry and share it with your well-meaning family and friends, so your loved ones can ensure that you get the support you really need.